Monday, March 31, 2014

Last but not least...Lois and Largo!

We ended our Florida tour in Largo, Florida, with the wonderful Lois Granstrom.  Lois is Lynn Granstrom Teff's mom, my sister from anotha mutha (that would be the aforementioned Lois). Lois treated us like family; she helped us find an icecream cake for Emm's birthday, toured us around to beaches, animal refuges, parks, and restaurants, and maybe most importantly, let us take over her place and unwind.  It is hard to explain how much this does for this nomadic unit.

Ok; we may have rubbed the weather in a little to Lois's family back in Ramsey...

Emm at his favorite place, making art out of the environs

Emm and Sarah at the Largo botanical garden

Emm metamorphosing...or taking flight

there's room for more!

While Emm, Lois and I went to the Botanical garden, Gar and Des found a Twins/Phillies game in Clearwater...out of respect for my Twins-loving hostess, I will not recount the game.  

Des ran down the Phanatic
 Largo had a great climbing tree, which we visited often...

we enjoyed the trails at the turtle park

Emm found his brethren

Lois took us to Sawgrass Lake Park to see the baby gators, among other animals. Below is an example of making a text to self connection.  So much learning!

shall I try and identify?  If I didn't have a lot of stuff to do, I totally would...
I know this guy is a snake bird...yes!!!
I can also handle this one
We spent a day at one of the best beaches in the world, Ft De Soto Park.  For those of you who live in a day or two radius of this place, best look online and book your camping's something special.  Emm voted it best digging sand anywhere, and we loved watching the pelicans dive bombing.  Gar claims to have seen a stingray jump out of the water (no photos to substantiate, and I didn't see it, sooo....)

We stopped in Gulfport on the way back to Largo on a recommendation from a growler guy here in Woodstock, Ga.  He recommended Peg's, and it was worth the out of the way stop!
Gary's sampler
Gulfport was about as cute as can be, as evidenced by Gary's new ride...

and the boys' new ride...
We felt quite at home here!