Saturday, February 28, 2009

Defecation Information

this is where the magic happens:

Friday, February 27, 2009

Houston, We Have Had a PeePee

Emmett just sat on his new training toilet and peed.





more to come.

(we hope)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Philosophy Talk

At lunch last Saturday, the following conversation was heard at my house. E is Emmett, D is Desi, and G is Gary.

Note: Emmy's first line was apropos of nothing.

E: This is for God's sake.

D: That's rude words. It hurts God's feelings.

a minute later...

E: I'm sorry I hurt God's feelings

G: It's OK. He's forgiving [at least the New Testament one is]

E: I like God. He's a sweet kid.

D: He's not a kid. He's a grown-up.

E: I like to hug grown-ups.

D: God, are you a grown-up? He can send messages to my brain and my body.
Yes, he's a grown-up. I know.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Madagascar 2 is really funny

So, as it is February, we have been watchin' some movies. And I just want to put it out there, for all you parents but especially for you non-parents: Madagascar 2 is really funny. I know it fails to specify which country in Africa they're in, and there's more kidnapping than I'd prefer. But it's ridiculously funny. The voices are stellar, and I say that despite the fact that the audio track our copy of the DVD is off by about 2 seconds. (Also, it lapses into Russian for a bit). Sacha Baron Cohen (aka Ali G, Borat) is a lemur who has an Indian accent. Chris Rock is a zebra. What more could you want?

And today, I really needed some movie-time. I had escorted Desi to a birthday party at Pizza Hut in our local mega-mall. (I do live in China, I swear.) In a word? Loco. 35 kids--you do the math.

Random thoughts--
We're psyched that Larry and Linda are coming soon.
We're looking forward to spring break starting in less than a month.
We're wondering if anyone could email us that "Boots with the fur" song.

And it's time for bed. Here's 2 pics that capture how we play at our house.

note: the hotel slippers on his arms make him Batman.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Haircuts and mini-golf

Sorry to be so delinquent w/the blogging. We've been busy, as you can see. Chinese New Year officially ended 2 days ago. Celebrants use up their fireworks and kids walk around with red lanterns. (And apparently, CCTV employees in Beijing burn down half-built hotels.)

As for NY's, we're not terribly sad it's over. It was fun, but also a bit annoying to hear fireworks going off at all hours. Plus, the boys and Sarah were a little sick during break. So we sat around a lot, watched some movies. Aristocats, anyone? We ended break with a trip to mini-golf. No windmills or giant Abraham Lincoln spreading his legs for you to shoot through, but fun nonetheless. Emmett decided that golf was just OK, and the real fun was to pick up pebbles from the 17th hole and go throw them in the water hazard next to 13 (see below):

I gotta go to work now, but here's some haircut photos from our trip to the salon: