Sunday, October 31, 2010

Eric Hall was here, plus Halloween


If you know Eric, then you can appreciate how sweet it is that he was in my apartment the other day. In town for his MBA program, BTW. We'll see him and his wife again soon, in Phoenix at Xmas.


NOTE: As of this morning's ride, biking is now officially "easy" (that's a quote from D) so I filmed E instead:

Here was us on Friday, out for an early trick or treat.

Last but not least, what happens at the end of a play that starts at 7pm:

Sunday, October 24, 2010

still here, Sorry So Slack

"My bad" on the serious lacuna in posting. (look it up) I am taking an online class, it tends to eat up all my time-wastin' time.

Saw a great play last night at SAS. Musical called "Into the Woods" about fairy tales. Also some "adult" morals of the story. Fun times, great show, kids both asleep on our laps by the end.

For those who know him, this will be interesting: Had brunch with Eric Hall and his wife today. He's great, just finishing his MBA. His wife is great, they live in San Fran. Will likely see them again at Christmastime in Phoenix. Reason #612 we are excited for that whole trip.

Boys are great, Desi keeps beating me at backgammon, E can read like way more than a kid his age should be able to. (Listen to me--"My kids are so smart!") Well, dammit, they are.

Super psyched my Oregon Dux are #1. West coast, baby! Also psyched the evil Yankees lost (A-Roid on a called 3rd strike to end it! Yes! Justice! The poetic kind, my favorite!) World Series should be fun to watch. Too bad I will be at work.

Colder weather arrives in 2 days. Trick or treating is Friday, so let's hope it's nice enough for that.

Photos, hmmm. no post complete without 'em. let's see what we got ready.

Here's the dudes primped for a night at the theatuh.

And here's Cinderella, asking how our noodles are. Actress is fantastic, one of the best students/all-around people I know.

PEACE OUT. May the Simpsons Halloween special be better than last year's.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Class blogs for the kids

Here's Desi's class blog. Lots of new photos up.

UPDATE! Desi is now blogging, with a partner from class named Wesley. CHECK IT FREQUENTLY.

Here's Emmett's. Photos are up now! Including a cute one of E reading in a giant box.

my son can ride a bike

it's true. Saturday he stuck with it, through the falls and bumps and he did it. we are proud of him and excited to go on rides around our compound. But the city streets will have to wait.

PS the bike has only 2 wheels. this is why it's noteworthy. he is awesome. and his bro is super safe on 4 wheels.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Rocktober Break, Days 3 and 4

More tennis, of course.
Also some swimming, believe it or not. Pool was cold but kids don't care. Hot tub was nice.
Sarah went downtown to meet with a colleague from the other campus, and Desi went out to play with our upstairs neighbor, so Emmett and I played "Doghouse" on the patio. As his owner, I had some time to read Factory Girls in between giving him commands. Then I helped him write "This is a doghouse." That kid wants to read and write, like yesterday already!

BBQ at the Motts' house. Beautiful day, so we sat on the patio. Actually, maybe the most beautiful stretch of weather we have had in our 2 years here. Looking forward to more outdoors time today. Who knows what fun we'll have?

Here are some recent pics, including one of Emmett reprising Desi's school pic from when HE was 4.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Rocktober Break: Day 2

Tennis at 8, natch.
Just the 2 of us, so we actually got to work on our game. Sarah says we both suck, but I think I suck less. Male ego is a monster, I tell ya.

Then cruised downtown with the Dungans. They rented a van and we hit Xintiandi for breakfast at Kabb. Then Wen Ding Lu to look at paintings. We bought a big one (brownish, nature theme) for 40 bucks. Will go on the bedroom wall.

After all that art shopping, we needed some Indian food. Hit Bukhara and had a nice long chat about life, then cruised home to hang with the kids. Watch a couple episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender (thanks for the recommendation, Hawk and Selaam) then put the kids to bed.

Reserved some more court times, now it's time for oral hygiene and Season 5 of The Wire (SUCH a great show).

Friday, October 1, 2010

Rocktober Break

Long live the PRC. Today reminded me that life is fun. What I mean is, the whole point of all of this is to go out and do fun stuff with people you like to be around. Lucky for me, my family likes to be around me. To wit, an itinerary:

8:30-9:30 tennis indoors at SRC. emmett was ball boy, the other 3 of us butchered the ball every which way possible, plus a few I didn't think were.

10:30-2:00 Kid birthday party at SAS pool. Nice warm water, fun games. Pizza, cake, pin~ata. Kick ass all around.

2:30-5:00 Wiffle ball and (soft) baseball on the big grassy field at SRC. Little kids on the playground, parents kickin it.

5:01-9:30 Our patio and house, impromptu get-together with neighbors. Salmon on the grill, Ice cream floats, staying up late cuz it's ... ROCKTOBER brEAK!

tennis at 8 tomorrow. maybe Sarah and I will let Lyn watch te kids so we can actually focus on upping our game. we both suck, and Kathryn has been talking smack cuz they took lessons last year. Pride is on the line...

Go Ducks!