Sunday, March 30, 2014

Flah-ridda Post #2: Vero Beach

Here on Opening Day, let us all pause to bask in the return of spring.   (pause)     Rebirth, optimism, light, and an end to this brutal winter. Well, brutal for most people. As for us, we were in Florida! (As loyal readers know.) Sarah's step-sister Taunya and her husband Jeff were generous enough to host us and put up with our traveling carnival. Their son Cole entertained the boys, and the dog made sure no one broke into the house (DOWN GIRL!). Vero Beach was lovely and we had the ocean to ourselves, most days. 

Sporting the cap from our favorite oyster bar in Chahls-ton

Backyard gym
Among Vero's other good qualities is its proximity to Roger Dean Stadium, spring home of the National League champion St. Louis Cardinals. We got to watch them thump the Braves 11-0. Cards hurler Lance Lynn struck out the last 8 batters he faced. Full story here.

The view from our seats

Nacho helmet helps E get through the game

REPRESENT. #BestFansInBaseball

After the game, we had some seafood at a place on a marina. We threw fish food to some catfish, which annoyed the many seagulls because they didn't get any. Back at home, we saw this turtle, making decent time alongside the driveway. Just a classic-looking turtle, isn't it?

We grilled and ate outdoors, got our first mosquito bites of the season. The full moon over our tent in the driveway was beauteous. No photo, though--I only saw the moon during a 3am bathroom break and I don't carry my phone or camera then.

Last stop in Vero was the McKee Botanical Garden. Mom loves these, and we 3 boys are learning to enjoy them also. This one had several statues sprinkled about, all of them done in the 1980s.

80s sweater, anyone? #PopThatCollar

Trust me--by the end, the garden didn't leaf me frowning

Desi leads the way, as usual

My St. Patty's beard #NoPinch

No idea what this is, except purty

D with his explorer backpack, looking for ways to find shelter/water. Not exactly a Junior Ranger program, but fun anyway
We left Vero feeling rested and one shade pinker than when we arrived. Good thing we slept well because we needed lots of energy for our next adventure...stay tuned