Friday, July 30, 2010

summer fun

In no order at all, some stuff we have been doing (besides not blogging for almost 2 weeks. "SAAAAAAA-weeeeee!"

1. eating at Burgerville

This satisfied customer looked out the window and noticed a bus stop sign. He got excited and said "If we move back to Portland, we won't need a car. The bus comes right to Burgerville!"

2. visiting friends

3. going to the science museum in Portland and St. Louis and the zoo in Chicago

4. seeing family in Portland, Salem and St. Louis

5. seeing tall things, including the Sears Tower. did you know it is no longer called that? google it if you don't believe me.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Friday, July 16, 2010

overcompensating, i know, but hey! Free WiFi

emmett and i are at the portland airport. there is free wifi, a kids' play area, a Powell's bookstore that charges the same prices the regular stores do, and drinking fountains with free water. WHY DID I EVER MOVE?

sometimes i wonder about myself.

here is a pic of emmett and i as we set off on our adventure, tentatively titled "Sweatin' with the Volzes"

check back for updates soon. this blogger is re-energized! RWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

Portland summer 2010 photo blitz #1

notice the summer freckles

cousins rule!

Vietnam Trip, part one

Here's some shots from Vietnam. Steve's camera has lots more, so I will get my hands on those and post some.

For now, here is me at the War Crimes Museum in Saigon. After years of searching, I found what every historian seeks.

In Ha Long Bay, we had been on the boat all of 8 minutes before they handed us the wheel. (not kidding)

In Hanoi, I found the hotel where I spent 2 months, back in '97. Looks great, they've added a travel agency desk in the lobby, removed the TV on which the "security guard" watched pro wrestling with me, but otherwise, same ol' hotel.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

fun in Portland

beautiful weather. many friends and family members. fresh strawberries. perfect beer.

Such has been our summer in Portland, so far.

Desi is camping in a cabin in eastern Oregon, with his cousins. Emmett is about to go to Chicago and St. Louis with me, for a week. Sarah has 3 days to herself. Look out, P-Town!!

Beach pics soon, once I stop eating berries long enough to blog more. For now, a shot from Katie's iPhone...