Tuesday, May 26, 2009

So much to say...

For some reason, blogger has been not working. Maybe the impending 20th anniversary of a certain historical event that I am not at liberty to name is causing the problem. Don't know. Anyway, vtunnel.com to the rescue. Here's photos of Desi's bowling party from May 16. We had some fun, and now we can say we bowled in China.

Oh boy. still not working. i'll try again later

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

TV Turnoff Week

Quick update here during "Unplugged Week," when we're supposed to not watch TV or use the computer. Fun weekend--Friday night, Sarah and I saw the Shanghai Dance Co. (above) in the school's Performing Arts Center. Played at Kid Town on Saturday for Keller's 4th birthday, then bought some new patio furniture on Sunday. We've been grilling salmon and asparagus, riding bikes, having lots of fun. Gearing up for Desi's birthday party Sunday. Rain threatens our mini-golf plans, but know this: WHATEVER WE DO, FUN WILL BE HAD.

Monday, May 4, 2009

May the 4th be with you

sorry for the dearth of videos lately. between China's stupid firewall and the fact that the boys broke the videocamera, it's been a rough go for video of late. I am working on uploading a couple short ones. in the meantime...

Just had a fun 3-day weekend. May Day, for those of you living in the US, is International Workers' Day. Not that you'd ever know it living there. Like most of the at-least-semi-developed-world, China gives you May 1 off. So we went downtown for a couple nights. Saw Leo Chu and his family. Tooled around Century Park on a double tandem bike (zip it, Katie Pearmine!) like this one. ate good food, got away from the burbs for some big-city action, and came back refreshed and ready to attack the last 40 days before we get on that big silver bird to jump the pond back to The World. (sorry, lapsed into 'Nam slang there)

alright, 5 failed upload attempts later, I quit. here's some still photos til I can figure out the video thang.

desi getting fit with one of the locals at Zhudi Park:

mom and e on a break during our walk to the store