Monday, March 31, 2014

Legoland is Awesome! by Emmett with Two T's (watch the Lego movie, you'll get it)

My trip to Legoland was awesome!!!!!!! There were lego dudes made out of legos, cars and every once in a while you'd see a squirrel (also made of legos!) O.K. you're probably wondering about all the roller coasters; the first one I went on was CoasterSaurus.  The second one was...what was the second one? Umkay, it doesn't matter if it's in order or not.  We did all the rides.  The best part was having a birthday with my friends Ben and Alex at Legoland.  I'm going to describe the pictures below now. 
Here we are entering Legoland.  Photographer: Gary Pearlz. When were going to Legoland but not there yet, I saw a sign that said Legoland. And I thought "why are we going past Legoland without going to it, and today's the day for my surprise, so I'm guessing it's that." We were around the corner, and saw a Beef O'Brady's. Mom asked me if I wanted to go to Beef O'Brady's or Legoland. I chose Beef O'Brady's. JK!!!

You see those blonde kids there? They are Ben (by Desi) and Alex (by me). We met them in Texas at the Guadalupe Mountains campground. They are from Canada, and are doing basically what we are doing, except they have an RV (lucky them). Here's a link to their adventures. My parents called their parents so we could meet up at Legoland.  They had planned it that long ago!!! In this picture, we are in the Lego Star Wars section (in case you didn't notice the gigantic Darth Vader behind us).
this is me and Darth Maul (same pose)

Here we are on Coaster Saurus for the second time. It's definitely not Coaster Snorus! Watch this video to see what it's like to sit in the front (even though I didn't do it).

Here we were at the place where you got your fake driver's license.  (Now I know how it feels to actually drive! Now I know why it's so annoying when you go the wrong way to some place. We are watching what to do when you drive.  For example, don't run a red light!  So dumb). Editor's note by Sarah: as you may guess, Emm was a very cautious driver.  Des? you can also guess. (As the cars couldn't go more than a mile/hr, there wasn't much risk of injury).
You had to pedal this ride to get higher.  This is Alex and Desi, probably the highest ones. Editor's note: Tami and I definitely pedaled higher than all the little boys; Emmett objects to this editor's note.
"Oh, that beer is good.  What kind? Oh, bark chip in here? blech..."

This is another place where there was a really awesome roller coaster, The Dragon. And there was a dragon, of course, one made of legos, and one that you rode in.  The one made of legos shot a mist of water out of its nose to make it look like it was breathing smoke. And there was a fat, drunk dude who spat at you.  It made me wish that I lived in the times of dragons (not that I believe in dragons).
Alex and Ben, remember when we took that picture before you left for the hike in Guadalupe Mountains?  I thought that was the last time we were going to see you.  When I saw you driving into the parking lot at Legoland, I was soooooo happy! I wish I could see you a billion more times, and I think you said that you might go to Oregon? I hope that you do!