Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Georgia (cousins) on my mind

Oregon is far away from Georgia, and Shanghai is somehow even farther, so we haven't seen some of these cousins for a long, long time.  Well, that's a shame, because these are some damn fine people down here in the South!  We had such a great time catching up (and meeting the offspring of) the Chris and Stacy Johnsons and the John and Courtney Greens.  All these old people ended up laughing and talking until the wee hours...which was much easier before all those children were around.  
Hey good lookin!  John Green, G and  cousin Chris Johnson

S and  cousin Courtney Green

Des got to try on firefighter equipment that John sells

 We don't have any pictures of all the kids...guess we'll have to go back for another visit!  It might be because they were all headed in different, basketball, on bikes, in cars, etc.  We'll see ya'll again in a couple of weeks!

We also got to head up to Suches, Georgia, for a visit with Aunt Ruth and Uncle Roger (Ruth is my ma's big sister).  We got in the woodshop with Uncle Rog, who's quite  talented!  He had just enough wood to make some boxes.

We got to play in the woods outside of their house!

Emm made his box original, of course

We learned how to fly fish

no bites

We added the Appalachian Trail to our hiking repertoire, just three miles out and back from Woody Gap.  We got to see lots of people whom we assume were hoping to become 2000 milers.  We saw one guy wearing a "vow of silence" sign, which we might incorporate for parts of our drive.  
have you seen a cuter hiker on the AT?

view of the Blue Ridge mountains

super camoflaged

We got pretty spoiled by this wonderful woman, my Aunt Ruth.  She fed us, and fed us, and fed us.  Thanks, Johnsons!  We love you much!