Saturday, March 29, 2014

Florida post #1: St. Augustine

We spent over two weeks in Florida, so we've got lots to report.  And we're happy to report Florida was MUCH cooler than we thought it was going to be (no offense).  We started in St. Augustine, the oldest continuously-inhabited (by foreigners) city in the US.  We weren't able to camp, but G found us a sweet motel on the beach...
Emmett, in his zen zone

The Magic Beach Motel at night...yah baby....

The rangers at the Castillo De San Marcos dress in period uniforms.  As we walked in, the ranger asked the boys their ages; once he learned that they were over 6 and had 4 good teeth, he explained that they were of proper age to be conscripted into the army in the 1600s.  Writing every day and the occasional fight with mom about why you have to know how to figure out percentages didn't seem as big of a deal (for a minute or so).
Des is so into Junior rangering, he chose to do the most demanding level of the program, including writing a letter!  Wha? Go Des!

Hard to believe this has been here for over 350 years!

we didn't go see the Fountain of Youth, but enjoyed the beautiful trees on Magnolia St.

boys showing off their ranger badges

Next up...Vero Beach and the Grapefruit League!