Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How could we forget?

Sarah's excellent post about Largo and Lois continued a hot streak for us. After some slacking, we are now blogging regularly. (Most of the credit goes to Sarah).

In our flurry of catching up, I left out one major event. Our last night in Vero, I surprised my newly-40 wife with 2 tickets to see Paul Simon and Sting in Orlando. I had asked Taunya if she would watch the boys, and not only did she say yes, she and Jeff and Cole took them to a polo match and a movie and pizza. Wow!

What a great show it was. After coming out a half hour late (Sting cut himself shaving and the bleeding took a long time to stop. He is 62 years old, after all.) they rocked it. The two of them were clearly having a great time up there. Their combined bands totalled 15 souls, I believe. [Side note: One of them works as a ranger at New Orleans' National Historic Park for Jazz. When we visited there, his fellow ranger had mentioned that he was away, touring with those 2. That's what gave me the idea in the first place]. Almost every song you would expect to hear got played. We both cried at various times. I broke down during Fragile. It's always been one of my favorite Sting songs. Simon covered most of the verses and they shared the chorus. I was missing Dad and felt some intense catharsis. Ironic in light of Dad's dislike for Sting ("limousine liberal"), but hey, we never agreed much on music.

Here we are, enjoying being the 2 youngest people in the building (but not the 2 youngest in the city, as it was St. Patty's weekend and spring break--whoa!). I think we were the only 2 who did not get up during the show to use the restroom.

That's me on the right!

Pretty good seats, off to stage left.

Finale of the straightforwardly-named tour
One review (of the LA show) mentioned some of the funny banter. There was a lot of that, as well as a healthy mutual respect. And some appropriate adoration by Sting of Simon.

A great date night and memories we can revive every time we listen to their music, which is almost daily. If you haven't heard Simon's recent work, do check out these 2 albums:

So Beautiful or So What

And one that's not so recent but still newer than what most people have in their Simon collection: You're the One -- we played it on repeat when Desi was taking his sweet time getting borned.

So long for now, from lovely Asheville NC! Okefenokee Swamp will be the topic of our next post. Yes it's real!