Saturday, August 27, 2011

some handy links

Here's Emmett's class blog:

Here's Desi's:

And here is the SAS baseball team page. Made by...guess who? Me.


first day of school pics

A third grader and a kindergartener. Wow.

On Friday night, about 7:30, Emmett was upset so I asked why. He said "I want to go back to school."
The next day, apropos of not much, he said, "I love my teacher." What a great start! Much better than last year, when he was mad at his teachers for months because they had yet to teach him to read and write.

As for Desi, he is loving being back with his buddies. Playing catch, swimming, some Wii games at his friends' houses. Can you imagine how many hours I would have played Lego Indiana Jones if they had had that when I was a kid? Not to mention Lego Star Wars video games. KIDS THESE DAYS are so lucky. Back in my day...

Some more pics and then it's off to the sports store to get Emmett's bike tire fixed. Plus some golf balls to go with my new clubs I just bought. First set ever!

A shout-out to Grandpa Gary is in order. Feel better, rest up, I'll see you soon.

Here's E and Mia, in matching combat unis. (In the war for peace, that is)

Not easy to get shots of Desi, as he never sits still. SO here's one of E in the reading nook. Our new apt.'s best feature.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Proposed birthday items

No pressure, but today IS my birthday (US time), so I thought I'd share 2 ideas the boys had for gifts.

A couple weeks ago, Sarah asked Emmett what they should get me. Emmett suggested, and I quote, "A live puppy."

(as opposed to?)

Then yesterday, on my actual birthday (China time), Desi asked me where they sell CDs here in China. Not realizing this was birthday-related, I said they have them at the DVD stores. Then it came to light that he was going to buy me "an Angus CD," as in Angus Young of AC/DC. We have been rocking a lot lately. And as it turns out, there is an album or 2 of theirs that I don't have. Take note, last minute shoppers! (j/k)

We are sleeping great. 8-4:30 for me last night. Kids 7ish to 5:30. Sarah had a small patch of awake at 2am, but it didn't last long.
Once again, we (think we) have defeated jet lag.

Last night we had pizza at the Dungans. The boys even dressed up for it. Emmett wore his pizza shirt, and Desi sported UO Ducks gear:

Today we are spending our last day of summer vacation going to IKEA. Then maybe some swimming or wiffle ball. Plus leftover chocolate cake. Then it's back to the school routine. Expect some pics of 1st day outfits!

back in Shanghai

Hey hey. It's time for school. The flight was fine, jet lag is fading already (so it seems for now), my birthday was fun (wiffle ball and pizza) and we have one more day off until we go back to work.

Quote of the (last few) Day(s): After Mom asked him what he wanted to be when he grows up, Emmett said "I wanna be a bunny...Maybe in my next life." A wise one, he is.

Tiredness is crashing down on me. I am trying to make it to 8 pm, and thought blogging would help. But no.

Good night all.