Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Slinging Webs...worldwide

(sorry for the cheesy title. couldn't resist)

FYI: back-filling much happened around emmy's birthday, i'm only now realizing what didn't get blogged.

One of the Volz family traditions I am keen on continuing is the "un-birthday" present. So the sibling of the birthday kid gets one gift to keep them from
a) feeling ignored
b) being annoying about it.

This year, we debuted the concept. While he felt that maybe ONE gift was too few, Desi nonetheless liked his Black Spider Man outfit. As you can see:


one of emmy's gifts was a traditional red/blue spider man suit. naturally, web-slinging lessons ensued.

hey, even superheroes gotta learn somehow

the master and his apprentice (notice desi's cobra-poised-to-strike and emmy's rock and roll devil horns)

time to go solo. but...
how does it go again?

oh yeah. that's more like it

so watch out!