Monday, April 6, 2009

sunburns and not wearing a watch

SO we've back from the beach for a week now. I haven't written about it til now for 2 reasons: 1, blogging it means I'm no longer living it (denial is strong). 2, our return journey was pretty wacky, and I needed some time to elapse before writing so that the crazy part of the story didn't overshadow the days and days of awesome sitting around looking at the ocean.

so here's a photo of that activity:

and here's one of us, after a few days of sun:

It was fun to have Larry and Linda with us for most of our week in Boracay. Here's what they looked like:

More stories later. I started this post 2 hours ago, but I keep getting distracted and now it's bedtime. 3 day weekend is over, back 2 reality 4 us.
long live denial!