Sunday, April 19, 2009

fun with turtles

so Jordy, the girl next door, has some turtles. she HAD some tadpoles, but found out you can't put them in the same bowl with turtles. so she has some well-fed turtles, and the kids were all playing with them on Saturday. i tried to upload video of it, but blogger wouldn't allow it and I suspect youtube won't be easy either. it's been blocked here for days (wonder why?). so for now, here's a still photo of the amphibian fun, taken after a tea party had broken out.

while i'm here, and it IS still only 6:30 am, here're some more photos.

e is a scary tiger, on our new(-ish) dragon rug.

one of the many delicious dessert options at school:

and finally, your host, proud to see that our name has gone global. more or less

FYI, I've since gotten a haircut