Thursday, April 16, 2009

The home stretch is upon us

Just 8 weeks remain until we head to Oregon. Desi is the most excited about that. Thought when I think of burritos and the beach and drinking tap water (it's the little things in life, I always say), I get pretty pumped too. Lots of fun to be had before we leave here, and gift shopping. Any requests (short of antique furniture), just email me.

Before I forget, here's a quote: 2 nights ago, I was helping Emmett pick which pj's to wear to bed. He said he wanted his Superman jammies. As he ran over to get them, he said "What's up, Soop?"

So cute. I later learned that's a line said by Silver Surfer in some show he had watched.

Up early this morning, followed the Cardinals' latest victory online. 7-4 at Wrigley. Is it too early to think October?

Except for weird cold snap yesterday, weather has allowed for comfortable wiffle ball nightly, in the street we call our playground, here at Westwood Green. Lots of neighbor kids trying their hand at swinging a bat for the first time. Is there ANYWHERE in the US that one kid would swing and miss and another kid would comment "second serve!"? That happened last night. And, just like I thought when I observed some boys at SAS playing catch (but not catching a single throw), I thought back to my mantra "it's all good. any exposure to the game is good."

Desi's up now too. He says "I am King Julian from Madagascar. What's up freaks? Don't check your email. Hey, you didn't do your homework."

with that, I take my leave. time 4 cereal!