Friday, October 3, 2008

back from the edge...

...of northern China.

Gary here. I've been home from Inner Mongolia for a week, and have had the last 3 days off work. So why the lacuna (stick THAT in your Funk'n'Wagnall's) in blogging? Don't know, because Lyn has been here most days to help with the kids. No excuses--I've had time, but just haven't done it. Too busy listening to debates and reading baseball box scores. Sorry to be out of touch. (and "sorry" to any Cub fans reading this. boo hoo for another 102 years)

The trip was fun. I rode a horse and a camel, I saw lots of open country, grasslands, high desert, actual like Middle East-looking hard core sand dunes. Saw some expert horse riding, danced around (and almost fell into) a raging bonfire, ate *lots* of lamb, and other grilled meats, had some milk fresh out da cow. You're probably conjuring up mental images of all this, and that will have to suffice for now. You see, I LEFT MY CAMERA AT HOME. (I did remember to bring my iPod, you'll be happy to know, so I got to watch the free episode of The Office that I got from iTunes. quite hilarious, but i digress...) So I have to rely on mooching photos from the ones that other travelers will post to the school yearbook's server. I'll get some blogged here before I leave for Beijing (Friday?). I promise I'll bring my camera, but we'll be either playing baseball or sleeping the whole time, so I'll see very little of Beijing.

Back to my story--I was chaperoning (along with 7 other teachers) the 60 SAS sophomores on this trip, and one day we visited a local Chinese school near Bao Tou. That was a fun exchange. We played tug of war, and despite my urging our kids to let the hosts win, our kids gave it their all and took 2 out of 3. I even signed autographs for the kids. They'd walk up with their notebooks and ask in good English, and even though I'm not famous or even all that interesting, I have to say, there's something very flattering about being asked for your autograph. So I signed 10 or 12. Hang on to 'em, kids. When I get huge as the interpreter for the first mainland Chinese major league baseball star, put that notebook on ebay and count your mwuhnny.

Anyhoo, since getting home last week, it's been IKEA, tennis, swimming, a couple student-less work days, sofa-bed shopping, a fun night out on the town last night with Sarah (mmm....sweet and sour scallops), and hanging with neighbors. Which reminds me, time to wake the boyz from their Ridiculously late naps and head over to the Dungans' place. 

mmm...dinner I didn't have to cook

Go NU Wildcats!