Friday, October 24, 2008

the golden helmet stays here, part 2

Whole lotta baseball this weekend. The Eagles are in a good position at the APAC tournament. 3-1 after 2 days. Beat Beijing today to retain the sacred (not really) Golden Helmet.  Big day tomorrow, need to win one to get in the championship, then take care of business on the home field. Our games are live blogged here. (We are abbreviated SAS PX.)

In non-baseball news, Desi's class wowed the crowd this morning at the elementary school assembly with a song about the continents (all 7!) and then a modified version of "I've Got the Whole World in my Hands." Desi wore a hat featuring an amply sized American flag. Suffice it to say there's some glitter that wound up on our floor after hat came home. Video to follow soon.

also, a random quote that got left off the last funny quote list:

At dinner, Mom pointed out to Desi that his brother Emmett has a cute face. Desi scoffed at the notion. To which Emmy said: "My face is great."