Wednesday, October 8, 2008

more funny things boys said, plus haircut photos

dinner seems to produce the most funny quotes. which should be no surprise, seeing how both of us parents have fond memories of uproarious laughter at our childhood dinner tables.

anyhoot, last night we had tilapia, Filipina style. lil' ginger, a slightly sweet was good. it was served with the head on and all, and it had some cool spikes along its dorsal area. Sarah asked Lyn if most Filipinos eat the head. She said some do, but Emmy said "I'm not eating fish hair!"

At another meal, when we were having pasta and veggies, Sarah noticed Desi eating with his hands. Lyn had told us that in the Philippines, that's how people usually eat. But, as Sarah pointed out to Desi, broccoli and bowtie pasta is NOT Filipino food. Never one to take it lying down, Desi says, "Lyn, do you eat broccoli in the Philippines?" No, it's too expensive, she replied. "Do you eat noodles in the Philippines?" Yes, of course. At which point, Desi picks up a noodle, looks at Sarah, says "Filipino style!" and pops it in his mouth. 

We're screwed.

Life's good here. Desi ran hard during tennis lesson today. Lyn took my recent cooking lesson to heart and made some good spaghetti sauce for dinner. Sarah is catching up on the Harry Potter movies. I did some paperwork related to receiving our shipment (I can't wait for all my Star Wars figures--I mean "Desi's toys"--to arrive). 

I'm off to Beijing for baseball this weekend. Won't have much time for tourista stuff, but maybe we'll sneak over to gawk at the Olympic venues or Tienanmen (sp?) Square (where no events of historical importance have taken place--I'd only go because I like looking at big squares).

Oh, and if you thought that photo above is cute, you're right. But here's Emmy pre-haircut. duuuuude....