Monday, October 20, 2008

niiiiice goat . . .

Field trip! Emmett's daycare went to Shanghai Organic farm on Friday.

I tagged along.

Good fun pulling leeks, feeding goats, and generally just walking around seeing a whole lot of greenhouses.

Loaded up on veggies at the farm store, then napped all the way back to town.

In an unrelated incident, Desi pointed to my book about Genghis Khan and said "You know what? He was the government of the whole world." After I replied Wow, Desi, you're right, he kind of was there for a while, Desi added that Genghis Khan...
1) was God's brother and
2) ruled outer space.

Hold off on spreading that news. I have searched the index but was unable to verify either claim.

In other news, custom-made bunk bed and parental bed arrived yesterday. Both very nice. And there was much rejoicing. Pics to follow in next couple days.

Our shipment lands at the airport today. Customs should take 2-3 weeks, then we get to play with Star Wars figures again. It's been hard, these 3+ months without them.

Weather is ideal, but pollution getting worse this time of year. No rain means nothing to clean the air. Will be buying a fancy air filter after we pay off the shipment. No pictures to follow.

Bed now. And oh, muchas gracias to the Tampa Bay Rays, a team I otherwise care not a whit about, except for the fact they toppled the Evil Empire II today. Red Sox BLOW--always have, always will, even if they try to buy championships Yankee-style.

And please send thoughts and prayers to Albert Pujols' elbow, as it recovers from surgery