Friday, September 13, 2013

Rodeo fun

Loved the Pendleton Round-Up! Three native Oregonians and me, checking off the #1 Bucket List item for Oregonians, according to 1859 magazine.

(See D above the U in Buck)

But we couldn't make up our minds about if the rodeo was racist or not. I mean, the cowboys were all white, except for one Navajo guy who kicked ass in the steer wrestling. (Which is crazy tough, BTW). So the $400,000 is gonna be won by almost all white guys. I think. 

And yet one of the most dangerous and difficult events (to my untrained eyes, at least) was the Indian Relays. One rider for each of the 4 teams. He hops on a horse, rides a lap, then jumps off and switches horses. Twiice! It's fast and crazy. One guy got clipped by another team's horse. But do they win a dime? I don't know. Feel free to educate me in the comments.