Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Idaho: Gem of a State

Praise My Wife...Please

Loyal readers, you have had 4 days to peruse Sarah's thorough and wide-ranging blog post. SHE WANTS COMMENTS. So make her day and do whatever annoying things Google asks in order to comment and encourage that budding blogger.

And now, some video. Here's the coolest video I have taken on our trip so far, IMHO. After riding the Wallowa Lake Tramway we hiked up and saw this. Truly we have exchanged 23 million people (Shanghai) for 23 million trees.

As Sarah mentioned in her post last week, the adults enjoyed 4 days off from parenting. We spent 2 by Owyhee Lake, and took a dip in the Snively Hot Springs.

Late summer sun made for hot afternoons, then long shadows and chilly nights. Lucky for us, I had failed to tie down our sleeping bags the day we drove out of Lake Wallowa. So they disappeared and we got the opportunity to buy newer, warmer bags. Yay!

For a manmade lake, Owyhee is a looker. And hardly a soul in sight.

Here's the coolest part of the drive there:

After getting away from it all, we hit Boise for 2 days. Lots of good local food and beer. Our hipster hotel even had a free burlesque show in the outdoor courtyard bar. With pole dancing, an excellent fan dance (truly a piece of art) and more. (sorry no photos). And the odd thing about the crowd there in the hotel bar was, we were on the young side. Several of the other folks were like 60, including a lurker who stood behind the stage-ish area the whole time. Kinda kills the hipster vive when the "cool kids" are us 40-year-olds.

more soon-low battery!