Friday, September 20, 2013

Backtracking from Bend to Boise....

Dear readers, we're here at The Modern Hotel in Boise, Idaho.  We've been in a stretch without cell and internet service, and the bits and pieces where we do have service, we're finding ourselves busy with adventures (or laundry, as the case may be).  We'll be meeting with Grandma and Grandpa Pearmine (who have the gingers!) in Sun Valley tomorrow for a couple of fun days, and are working on our where's next from here.  The car is holding up, and it's slow up the hills, and that's ok.  The people are holding up; instead of 7:15 SST meetings, I spend a lot of time prepping meals, washing dishes, and putting things away, and that's ok.  We're learning some stuff, and it's not formal.  What I am most amazed with are the conversations with strangers at the campground.  As soon as we pull in, we get the looks...different than the looks we attracted in China, but looks of open curiosity.  Then we get the visitors, people slowly making their moves as Gary starts the setup.  "Where'd you get that?  Did you have to import it?  How does it work?" (they're asking about the camper, people).  And then conversation turns to their own camping experiences, child rearing, schooling, jobs and life.  We have been met with utter acceptance so far.  We get to hear over and over "good for you!  Tomorrow's not promised," and "they'll learn more this year than any year of school."  Which I, for one, need the reassurance, because I want to make it clear...we are aware of how far off from norm this is, and at times, it scares me.  Wakes me up in the middle of the night scares me.  It might be a deer near the tent, or the wind blowing, but when I'm awake, the whatifs and youshoulds start up.  And, I will never, ever NOT do something only because it's scary and unknown! So, keep up the reassurance.  It's good for the ole' blood pressure. 

Here's some pics from the past week?  I don't know how many days...

After Bend, last whateverdaythatwas, we headed to the Fossil Beds in John Day.  Pretty, we thought.  We also thought John Day was in the middle of nowhereseville, until we got to Eastern Oregon.  

Gary's loving the panorama on the iPhone

Because we were only in the area for a night, we upgraded from a tent site to this A-frame Emmett is modeling at the Lands Inn BnB in Kimberly, OR.  Carol told me that her husband Tom picked these up from the Rajneeshi compound about 100 miles away.
We ate dinner next to the airplane hangar, and laid on the ground to look at the stars.  

We headed to the Paleontology Center at the nearby Sheep Rock Unit, where our budding scientist became a Junior Ranger.  He loveslovesloves science, thank you Stefan Fisher! Here's Des and the ranger he peppered with questions.
After John Day, we headed to Pendleton for the Round Up.  We went on Tough Enough to Wear Pink Day, raising money and awareness for Breast Cancer.
We have found a brewery in almost every town!  This is outside Prodigal Son in Pendleton.
I think this picture was taken in Lostine, Oregon, on the way to the Wallowa Lake State Park.  Gary has been taken with big fiberglass fruit since our trip to Australia.  He didn't notice the car and plane as well...


We came into Joseph for the farmers market on Saturday, and loved the sites of this pretty little place!  Now for the history of Chief Joseph

We watched the Kokanee spawn

and enjoyed amazing views from the top of the tram.

Emm made friends with the locals

props to Gar for the panorama selfie

Emm enjoyed reading the markers, and following the rules! (always)

Hello, I'm Sarah, and I am addicted to learning.  Gar took this picture of me outside the laundromat in Joseph, where I'm on a call for my Intensive Individual Skills in Coaching class.  I start a second class this next week, with Barb Fredrickson!
Grandpa Larry and Grandma Linda drove to Joseph, and swept up the boys for FOUR DAYS!!! On our way to Lake Owyhee State Park, we saw this beautiful double rainbow.  This part of the state, on the border with Idaho, is our new definition of out in the middle of nowhere.  And it was fabulous.

A shoutout to our Shanghai Peeps, in Ontario, OR