Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Free wifi

Hi all. We're at Creekside Pizza in Ashland, OR, enjoying, you know, pizza, before our 8 pm show of Robin Hood. Blogs will be a tad more primitive for the next couple of weeks, as we're hitting up lots of beautiful campsites in Oregon. We're currently staying at Willow-Witt Ranch, which everyone should google, then schedule a trip. Today, I made breakfast, consisting of Stumptown coffee, then onions, potatoes, kale, bacon, goat sausage, and eggs from the farm. It was more than awesome, and zombie-lover Emmett has learned that mom and dad value eating local, not locals. The beautiful stroll to the farm took us to the pig sty and the goat barn, where we got to watch goats get milked and peppered farmhand Jake with questions. Why are the eggs different colors? (Depends on their ear color!) What do goats eat? How do you decide which goats to milk first? (The dominant, biggest milk producers line up first.) We had a great family meeting and wrote letters to ourselves at the end of the year. My boys held my hand as we walked, thanked me for dinner, and expressed the curiosity and love of learning that inspired this adventure in the first place. 

I am having a day of overwhelming gratitude, both near and far. Thanks! Now off to the play! Maybe meds will develop another career aspiration after tonight?