Tuesday, August 24, 2010


hey y'all. week 2 of school is smoother than last week, i am happy to report. kids liking their teachers and classmates, and Sarah and I right back in the busy swing of things. I am assistant JV baseball coach, and the crew's first practice today gave me a good feeling. we are already way better than last year. no games lined up yet, but will let you know how we do when they happen.

over the weekend, i shot a video of our "strip," such as it is. you'll need to turn your head. (think of it as office yoga)

here's a couple pics. one from Portland, as we wrapped up our summer of vegetating. Can you guess what these 3 are looking at? Hint: not a fishtank. (though we are in the market for one here)

and here is Mr. School Guy showing off his kneewarmer socks

more video later after the camera battery finishes charging. sleepy time 4 me!