Wednesday, August 18, 2010

1st week of school: High highs and oh, the lows

Much excitement around here this week. After months of hearing about it, Emmett got to join SAS for real on Tuesday. Half-hour before the bus came by, he had his shoes on Velcro'd tight. Socks pulled up all the way. Further, actually. All was well until lunch, when he looked around and saw that he was the only one with home lunch. All the other kids had school lunch. Now, first, let me say what a compliment that is to our cafeteria. (I miss their food when we're gone, I swear.) So his teacher saw the tears and handled it quite well, got him a school lunch. He ate a lot of school fish sticks and (I hope) felt like he fit in. Problem is, it happened again today. Sarah and I don't want to shell out the rather high price for it, but we might lose this battle. Updates soon.

The big kid also had some snafus. Nothing big, just went to the wrong place once and missed 5 minutes of recess as a result. He is very psyched to have his old buddy/neighbor Benjamin in his class.

In other news, typhoons are a real pain in the butt. Don't know if Tuesday's storm qualified as a typhoon, but if not, I don't ever want to be in real one. Flooding and general craziness. Another loud storm today but nothing like Tuesday. Prolly 3 or 4 inches in 80 minutes. Ridiculous. Forecast says sun for the foreseeable future. Including baseball tryouts for the next 3 days. woo hoo!

No choice pics, sorry. Here's one of D in class.

Bed now. Pics of apartment (which is quite set up, just gotta hang pictures) soon.

stay cool, world