Monday, August 9, 2010

1st day of work. how do all you people DO this year round?

you amaze me. even you retired blog readers out there, you used to work. how y'all do/did it 12 months out of the year is beyond me. i mean, 1 day and i am tiiiii--yerd. 'course, that could be the jet lag. still not quite right on the sleep. seems to be something special about 4 am. 3 days running--up at 4.

a shower and dinner call me, but first, here are details on Desi's camp this week. he is gonna love it, i bet. and for what I'm paying, he better.

life is grand here, cicadas humming and bats flying low at night to gobble the many mosquitoes. TEEMing with life, this place is.

Lyn says the chicken is ready. ain't gotta tell me 2ce