Saturday, January 11, 2014

Hold that thought, Willie

Yes, we are on the road again. But just for a day, from Vegas to Phoenix. We started singing Leaving Las Vegas in our best whiny Sheryl Crow voice, but stopped when we realized those 3 words are the only lyrics we know. 

We had a fun visit with auntie Erica. Scooting to the park, going out for pizza, a boat ride on a fake lake, and even had a date night on the Strip. Saw the fountain show at Bellagio do Frank's "Fly Me to the Moon." Invented a diet plan called "Go out for Sushi at the Cosmo" which entails ordering very little so that you can still afford to pay the bill. And played $2 in penny slots, winning a total of zero.
Just as we hit the road, my sister is too. Off to volunteer in Kenya for a week. I am so proud of her bravery and generous spirit. Please consider making a donation to her gofundme page.

She will buy items needed by orphans in Nairobi. Safe travels to her!

Phoenix is warm and tennis awaits. The job search continues and several fun possibilities have emerged. Keep reading the blog! I end with photo collage, including my favorite license plate so far:

Emmett and Desi took turns piloting the boat.

For you non-facebookers, here is the before and after of The Hair. I mailed the bulk of it to Pantene for cancer kids.


No trip to a desert would be complete without one awesome sunset: