Saturday, January 18, 2014

We're rockin' the suburbs…or, EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!

We've been in sunny Scottsdale for a solid week now…and it's been 70+ degrees and beautiful every day, which is why we're here) oh yeah, and the grandparents :).  It's harder to remember while stationary to update the blog…we're just doing normal American life stuff.  Except we don't go to school or work…more on that later….
We had a beautiful, challenging hike up Squaw Peak, which has had it's name changed but we learned of it from the boy we like to call Scottsdale (that's right, Gary Pearlz).  As you can see, Shanghai peeps, Scottsdale isn't pollution free, but you can see it all right there!  Lots of old dudes with leathery skin passing us up the mountain.
 In the absence of a room full of toys, the new toy seems to garner the most attention.  Their favorite activity right now is to make paper toy monsters, then create elaborate stories and games that involve their color blank and lego guys.  Grandpa Steve was quite helpful in the making of many a monster, and for this reason "making monsters with grandpa" topped both boys' 3 good things list. Time with family and sparking creativity are two to the big goals of road trip!  BAM!
one of the other nice things about Scottsdale is the eye candy.  Check out this hottie I spotted on my jog.  
 It's too bad we don't have a closeup of the bagpiper at the Westin, because he was awesome.  It was a very Scottsdale moment, drinking prosecco near the golf course, sitting next to an outdoor heater in short sleeves in January (you know how that is.).  Our personal bagpiper looked like Kenny Rogers with super long hair; doesn't get much better then this!

Emmy is geared up for the lego movie coming out; and this is, in general his life motto (or, as he as started to say, "this is my jam").  It helps with mac and cheese is on the menu at fancy French restaurants in Scottsdale.

Two wild and crazy guys!

Emmy may also have a future on the runway; he loves showing off his "fitness".  He joined these lovely ladies striking poses!

We'll be here till the end of the month, ladies and gents, until we leave the boys with grandma and grandpa and head to the Search Associates fair…the life of unemployment and unschooling must come to an end!  Stay tuned for job updates, and more importantly, what Emmy has chosen to spend his Christmas money on (next week!)