Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Snow business

Well, Sun Valley has two new skiers on its hands. The boys are in Day 4 of lessons, and already leaving Dad in the dust (powder?). (Possibly because Dad is out of shape, but a couple weeks of tennis in Phoenix should fix that--see future post). They loved their instructor Jeff, and we loved having some time to get stuff done. Stuff like applying for jobs, last-minute Christmas tasks, cooking, etc. We are beginning the job search in earnest, and have some opportunities percolating. Stay tuned for updates.

Here, the boys head on up the chairlift for their 20th time:

Desi had already flown by before I could fire up the camera, but I caught Emmett cruising into the lift line:

Look up "ready" in the dictionary, and here he is:

He will tell you all about the epic-ness of the shredding
So cool to see! I love how they have taken to it so quickly. And boy, do they sleep well after a day on the slopes.

We have gotten to spend lots of time with grandparents, cousins and aunts/uncles lately. One of our main reasons for spending this year on the road was to reconnect with family, and it has been fun to do. We saw Nutcracker on Ice on Christmas Eve, which involved a cast of dozens, including some excellent skaters, and a golden retriever who only fell once. Here's how we reserved seats the morning of. 

Ahh, duct tape. Is there anything it CAN'T do?

Here's everybody, bundled against the cold, enjoying the free ho-cho:

The random Seahawks fan on the right is not, in fact, a family member.

Time once again for…Random photo montage!

Sweet ice sculpture outside Sun Valley Lodge (note the soul patch)

The view of Dollar Mountain, where the boys skied, from the lodge's patio
At Grumpy's, this size is called a "schooner"

They have a point!

Cool ice sculptures, downtown Ketchum

Man vs. Bird. You know who won that.
The cousins

Where's Waldo? This was what it looked like at pick-up time 

after ski school yesterday. Not to worry--I found them.

To wrap up our final post of 2013, here's a blast from New Year's 2012, in Oz. We hope you keep your expectations low for New Year's Eve, and high for 2014. Cheers to new places and adventures!