Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sing it Willie!

We're on the road again. After 2.5 weeks at Lynn and Charlie's house, we have moved on to Wisconsin. And just like Willie Nelson's band of gypsies, we go down the highway (specifically: to Chicago, tomorrow).

Huge thanks to Lynn and Charlie for hosting and feeding us. We played a lot of games, did Halloween right, and laughed like fools.

So we were sad to go:

One last hug of Rocky the cat

And we were welcomed to Wisconsin.

We spent 2 nights in a cabin in Grantsburg, way up north. That's as far north as we will be for a few weeks. Getting snowed on there brings the total to 4 states where that has happened to us. Time to get warm, so it's all southbound for a while.

Here's what that fresh snow looked like today:


Holding his Staff of Power

On the road for 5 hours today, listening to The Hobbit. We got far enough into the book that we could watch the movie! I rigged up the mini projector and we watched half of it on the hotel ceiling.

Wow I am tired. Must be the snowball fight. More pics tomorrow, I promise. We have over 3 GBs of data left to use on our phone this billing cycle, so I will post from the road. Sing it Willie!