Sunday, November 10, 2013

Holy Cow!

First off, we are thinking about the poor folks in the Philippines. Our old nanny Lyn lives in Manila, and we assume she is safe and sound. But more than 10,000 people died in the storm, and many more will be needing help to get food and water. Story here. Donate here via MercyCorps, which is way better than the bloated Red Cross.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled (and a few days overdue) update. On our last night here in Chicago (Downers Grove, to be exact), we feel happy that this city we loved so many years ago still stirs our hearts to joy. Snobs that we are, only a few cities in the US make our list of places we would happily live. Like the Sears Tower, Chicago looms over that list. (Bozeman is making its way up, btw). We saw much of what we came to see, but I bet we'll return before the Phield Trip ends. Gotta take the boys to Wrigley Field, right?

Before the rundown of Chi-Town, though, here's a look at the tour we were treated to in Grantsburg, Wisconsin. Our friend Kristina, who had hosted us in Minneapolis, AND hooked us up with her family's cabin, ALSO arranged for her family friend to show us around her dairy farm. It was so cool. We got to see the cows up close, drive golf carts, and feed young calves with giant baby bottles.

Cris points out the HUGE pile of ground-up corn 



Cris showing us the business end

Do unto udders as they...

Whoa! 1877 was, like, before Dad was even born

Our drive down from Grantsburg to Madison involved a stop at Norske Nook (thanks to Mark and Ann Hefte for that tip). Delicious apple pie. The drive also involved a bit of wackiness at the gas station. I was squeegeeing the windshield, so by the time I got to the pump, it was too late to push "Yes" in reply to "Do you want a receipt?" I tried to get it to print one, as we use them for Desi's math sometimes, but no luck. So I walked around and got in the passenger seat. Sarah began to drive forward when we heard a loud noise.

If you go back and read the last paragraph, you might notice that it lacks "and then I pulled the gas hose out of the tank." So it broke off and was hanging out of our tank. Luckily, it's made to disconnect safely. I went inside to tell the attendant, and he thanked me for at least saying something. It seems that often, people just drive away in shame and the next customer has to deal with reporting it. In essence, then, my screwup enabled me to do a good deed.

Anyhoo, Madison for one night was fun. We saw the largest state capitol in the US, and the only granite-domed one. UW campus was nice, and we walked it for a couple hours. 

Ahh, the hotel life. Moving so fast, we're a blur.

Getting ready to watch The Hobbit, on the ceiling

Yep, that's made of granite

When Desi was young, he said he wanted to be a cop. I asked why. "Get your hands up! Then, BANG!" True story.

This photo and the next are strictly for the benefit of Miss Kristina Awesome. No disloyalty to Northwestern!  

Those rocks are real. It's art, pretty sure.

Delta Love!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We spared the poor young sisters a request to tour the facility.

We also saw a car all got up to look like a pig. 
Check the snout. Only in 'Murca

This blogger's goal is to be one city behind. That means the Chicago post will be up after we hit Indianapolis tomorrow. BEST children's museum in the nation, we hear. Plus, Ender's Game at the movie theater. Just finished the audiobook last week. Can't wait!