Wednesday, November 20, 2013

biggest…children's museum…ever...

I realize we're out of chronological order, but I'm losing my once-firm grasp on these constructs of time…and order.  We haven't given the WORLD'S LARGEST CHILDREN'S MUSEUM it's due, nor have we properly--publicly--thanked Brenda and Ken Erickson for sharing their house with us outside of Indy.  Thank you, Ericksons!  It was as lovely as you who know Brenda would guess.  

We spent nearly 6 hours at this Children's Museum!  It was a great combo of history, science, movies, art, and had a Xi'an TerraCotta Warrior exhibit.  Make a stop here.  It's on the way to and from a lot of things.

check out the entrance…who wouldn't want to go in?

Des was insistent that we not smile

and, of course, Indiana Jones (get it?)

Lil' Indy 500 action

Dear elementary school teachers: why so much of ancient Egypt everywhere?  Please explain to me why understanding ancient Egypt is so fundamental and important in our lives.  I think Egypt is as cool as the next guy (a special pot for each organ!), I just can't seem to make the leap as to why it's in every museum, and every 3rd grade curriculum.  Enlighten me!
how freaky is that mini ogre?

When Des was in 4th grade in Shanghai, he had to replicate an ancient Chinese artifact.  I cannot tell you how painful that project was, and how many hours we spent making homemade clay, attempting to hold up the wobbly, quickly-drying clay with popsicle sticks, painting the clay.  Let's just say our end product did not look like this BEAUTIFUL DING POT ON DISPLAY IN INDIANAPOLIS.  How badly I wanted to break through the glass and mail it to an unsuspecting 4th grader.  
Des and Emm are unearthing the warrior

Cool Dale Chihuly artwork; Gary felt like I should know him

The question of the day…we stayed till almost closing time…can you tell by looking at the water clock what time it was?