Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Posting in the Post Season

Since the Cardinals are in the Post Season, Sarah is going to be in charge of posting for a while...and since there is a gigantic TV here in Aaron Sakaria's man cave, I shall multitask and upload the rest of our adventures to date.  

We did take your friendly suggestions, and stopped at Wall Drug, the Badlands, and the Corn Palace.  It took some serious miles in the car, as we were navigating between storms.  Nice that South Dakota opened Mt. Rushmore the day after we vacated, but we weren't about to turn around with another snow storm on the horizon!  
Emm on the jackalope
Wall Drug is an amazing story of American ingenuity, as far as G and I are concerned.  (Maybe because it got us to stop as well?)  You have to fill up your tank somewhere, right?  Why not create a gigantic tourist trap with all kinds of silly stuff to look at while you stretch your legs?
this one's for you, Kris Sheehan.  Take that as you will :)

Des, a less willing photo participant...

Em said "ok, I'm sitting right next to an old guy, and that's weird."

Cool pano by G
The road was open halfway through the park, so we gave ourselves a little tour.  We debated if it looked more like we envisioned Mars, Tatooine, or the Moon.  It was a tossup.

G claims he's been waiting 20 odd years to get here...

We were hoping to stop at the Minuteman Missile National Historic Site, especially because our college buddy Gretchen Heefner wrote an amazing book about the Minuteman missiles in her first book.  When you click on the link, please note all of the stars by the recommendations.  We have long known of her brilliance; you should get to know it as well!

But alas, we could not go.  For the reasons below. Write your congressperson! 

Our last stop in South Dakota was the famous Corn Palace.  It was so corny, from top to bottom, that though we only visited for an hour in the pouring rain, we felt it deserved several pictures.  For all the punsters we know and love....

this one's for grandpa Lar...this is how the boys envision farming!

Gary was wondering, but now understands!  Go corn!

Not only do the Mitchell Kernels get to play here, but Kenny Rogers is coming at Christmas!  I know when to run!

Gar did his best to capture the outside...the rain was coming down sideways!

who's corny?