Friday, October 25, 2013

Mom is typing an overdue update from Emm and Des.  

Emmett: right now, I am eating a plum. It's very tasty.  I'm at the Teffs house in Ramsey, Minnesota.  The Teffs are Lynn, Charlie, Max, Sam and Ellie, and Zelda and Rocky, their kitties.  I LOVE the people, the food, and their kitties.  

Emmy highlights at the Teffs: I went to the Mall of America and went on a bunch of rollercoasters!  They were really fun, and fast, and surprising, and you never know where you're going to go.  Two times there were really fast rollercoasters, and the bottoms of my eyes were going down.  My favorite ride was Rock Bottom Plunge (a Sponge Bob ride) because it was so loopy; you went upside down and sideways and diagonal upside down.  

Another highlight...the kitties are so cuddly!  They also have a pinball machine, and THE PEOPLE ARE VERY FUN!

Emmy cuddling Zelda

Different levels of excitement on display

Desi's favorite ride, the Brain Surge.  

Can you see the boys on the atomic collider?

And a mellow end on the carousel goat...
Desi: My favorite ride was the Brain Surge because you could do front flips and back flips.  I did it about 7-8 times.  

My highlights here in Ramsey are the dinners and the food, because it's fun to be with people and the food is great.  I like swimming at the Y because there are water slides and features, and I can use the machines.  I like listening to music and having a dance party with all of the kids.  

One of my other favorite things is football.  I like both playing and watching (except for the Vikings...they are having a rebuilding year, let's just say that).  I like having a lot of free time.  Another highlight is shadowing Max (my friend here) at school for a day.  I got to play football at recess and meet his friends and see what an American school is like.  Dad and I gave a presentation to Max's social studies class on what it's like to live in China.  When I described my life, the kids all said "lucky." Even the teacher was surprised about how many people live in Shanghai (it's 60 Minneapolises!)