Thursday, October 31, 2013

George Hamilton, ftw!

Hello from the baseball off-season. In my last post, I promised an answer to the Trivial Pursuit question that won it all:

While we're talking about me, let's continue. I WENT TO THE WORLD SERIES. I saw two of the weirdest endings ever. True, the outcome was not good, but bitterness makes the sweet times sweeter. (WHAT!? Baseball being used a metaphor for life?).

A major thank you to Sarah for watching the boys for 5 days, my ma for buying game tickets, and my sister for having the idea and hooking me up with frequent flyer miles.


What does defeat feel like? DRY, that's what

Game 3. Nothing obstructed the sunset. Gorgeous night for a ball game.

Our view for Game 4, during warmups. 

THANK YOU MOM. Love, your kids

Never realized how they keep the foul lines clean. Truly, a timeless technology.

In the spirit of positivity, here are some moments I savor during the dark times:

2011: Down to our last strike twice, we rally for the win behind David Freese's triple and homer, and Lance Berkman's single up the middle.

2006: Rookie Anthony Reyes sets down 17 Tigers in a row as he wins Game 1 and sets up a dominating Series win.

1982: Willie McGee dominates Game 3 by hitting 2 homers and robbing Milwaukee of another with a leaping catch in the bottom of the ninth. Go on to win the Series in 7, dad let me stay up late to watch, and I ran around the house yelling.

Love those baby blue unis

And, not that I remember it, but...

1926: Cardinals win their first World Series when Babe Ruth is tagged out by Rogers Hornsby while trying to steal second with 2 outs in the bottom of the ninth inning of Game 7. And you thought the obstruction call last week was weird! BTW, all 3 Cardinal runs were unearned, and the Yankees had more errors than runs.


We are ready for trick or treating, and I hope the weather isn't too bad here in MN. Pics to follow, but for now, here is a blast from the past.

2009, to be exact.

Past vs. Future in an intergalactic showdown

We have been doing more homeschooling lately, including lots of math, but Desi also went in to school for a day. He shadowed Max through a day of fifth grade (see previous post for Desi's take on it). Tomorrow, Emmett will check out third grade with Sam.

The Anoka Halloween parade was last weekend. No photos, but I hear it was cold and there were plenty of marching bands. Not to mention loads of candy being hucked at the kids.

Getting back on the road soon. Seeing David Sedaris in Minneapolis, then eastward to Wisconsin and down to Chicago. Hope that heading south warms us up. You know it is chilly when you're going to Chicago to warm up.

Before I go, here are some videos that somehow never got posted. Emmett's hard hitting journalism starts us off:

Up next, LIVE from the Corn Palace, in otherwise unremarkable Mitchell, South's


Last but not least, we were just driving along in South Dakota, minding our own business, when ...!!