Sunday, October 24, 2010

still here, Sorry So Slack

"My bad" on the serious lacuna in posting. (look it up) I am taking an online class, it tends to eat up all my time-wastin' time.

Saw a great play last night at SAS. Musical called "Into the Woods" about fairy tales. Also some "adult" morals of the story. Fun times, great show, kids both asleep on our laps by the end.

For those who know him, this will be interesting: Had brunch with Eric Hall and his wife today. He's great, just finishing his MBA. His wife is great, they live in San Fran. Will likely see them again at Christmastime in Phoenix. Reason #612 we are excited for that whole trip.

Boys are great, Desi keeps beating me at backgammon, E can read like way more than a kid his age should be able to. (Listen to me--"My kids are so smart!") Well, dammit, they are.

Super psyched my Oregon Dux are #1. West coast, baby! Also psyched the evil Yankees lost (A-Roid on a called 3rd strike to end it! Yes! Justice! The poetic kind, my favorite!) World Series should be fun to watch. Too bad I will be at work.

Colder weather arrives in 2 days. Trick or treating is Friday, so let's hope it's nice enough for that.

Photos, hmmm. no post complete without 'em. let's see what we got ready.

Here's the dudes primped for a night at the theatuh.

And here's Cinderella, asking how our noodles are. Actress is fantastic, one of the best students/all-around people I know.

PEACE OUT. May the Simpsons Halloween special be better than last year's.