Monday, October 4, 2010

Rocktober Break, Days 3 and 4

More tennis, of course.
Also some swimming, believe it or not. Pool was cold but kids don't care. Hot tub was nice.
Sarah went downtown to meet with a colleague from the other campus, and Desi went out to play with our upstairs neighbor, so Emmett and I played "Doghouse" on the patio. As his owner, I had some time to read Factory Girls in between giving him commands. Then I helped him write "This is a doghouse." That kid wants to read and write, like yesterday already!

BBQ at the Motts' house. Beautiful day, so we sat on the patio. Actually, maybe the most beautiful stretch of weather we have had in our 2 years here. Looking forward to more outdoors time today. Who knows what fun we'll have?

Here are some recent pics, including one of Emmett reprising Desi's school pic from when HE was 4.