Thursday, March 4, 2010

CNY pics, aged like fine wine

Single parenting is going OK. (By that I mean all 3 of us are still alive). We skype with Sarah daily, and she seems to be enjoying Chicago. She'll be adjusted to the time difference just in time to get on the plane home. I will ask her to guest blog after she returns.

Before I head home from work, I'll show you what our vacation looked like. These will be the last vacation pics for a while--we are sticking around Shanghai for spring break.

1. Here we are in Hangzhou, looking at Buddhas carved directly into a mountainside.

2. Here is Aunt Erica, at about the 40 minute mark during our 72-minute wait in line for the best dumplings I've had in Shanghai. This place is famous--it's in the Yu Garden. When you visit, you should eat some. They're about $1.50 for a dozen--a bargain when you ignore the waiting time. And if you weren't hungry when you first got in line, you will be by the time you get your food.

3. Here we are at that age-old favorite place to celebrate Chinese New Year...

...Coldstone Creamery

4. Here's King Emmett and his court jester

gotta run. Desi just called, looking for me. He wants to play!