Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chinese New Year with Ayi Erica

ayi means "aunt" in Mandarin. It's also what you call a nanny or a maid. Thus concludes our word-of-the-day.

Before I go run the scoreboard for the softball game (Shanghai vs. Hong Kong), I thought I'd post a brief rundown of CNY. Erica's visit inspired all sorts of tourism on our part. Isn't that funny how you don't really explore the city you live in until a) someone visits or b) you are about to move. So she and I (and the family, at times) saw the inside of the Jing An temple, we waited in line for 72 minutes to get famous dumplings at Yu Garden, of course we watched fireworks from our hotel room on the 31st floor, we spent a day and night in Hangzhou, and we rode the Maglev train to the airport. Erica flew out of Bangkok today, after 5 days on her own. So I will relay her reports from there soon, and of course photos and video from CNY will appear here soon also. Very busy week at work has made blogging take a back seat.

Sarah leaves tomorrow for Chicago, so I will single-parent for 8 days. Fun!

Desi's class blog has some new posts, including a funny video in which Desi makes a funny appearance. Check it out if you haven't.

more soon! peace and love and spring training!