Wednesday, March 10, 2010

And the winner is....

....not you.

Unless your name is Jean Ramos. Congratulations to her, and a big blog thanks to all 6 of you who entered. Jean won by virtue of emailing me just hours after I posted the contest. I have not yet received her 500-word rant (hint, hint, Jean) but will post it ASAIGI.

I learned a lot from this contest. One--old people suck. No one remotely old emailed me an entry. (You hear that, mom and dad? Yes, I'm talkin' bout your generation. Things they DO look awful cold, indeed).

I also learned that many of you are checking the blog at work. Good for you. When I spoke at graduation a couple years ago, that was one of the bit of advice I gave the seniors. (View the whole speech here and boost my youtube stats). I also learned that Stephen Hawking does not read my blog. (Note: I just checked WIkipedia, and turns out he's been paralyzed since last year. OK, so I'm a jerk.)

Another contest will be forthcoming soon. Expect it when you LEAST EXPECT IT.

For now, a photo: