Sunday, January 31, 2010

WIld Things: another fun weekend

So we watched Where the Wild Things Are yesterday. great movie. intense, sad, funny, wonderful. captures the emotions of childhood without getting too sentimental. desi and his parents cried. emmett did not. that says a lot about the way we 4 are made, i think.

went to 2 kid birthday parties and a Haiti fundraiser at a bar that raised over $9000US. fun times.

also had an impromptu visit from most of the Leipold family on Sunday. always fun to have them over, especially now that they are moving to Singapore next year. we will miss them terribly, after all they have done to help us adjust and have fun here in SH.

as for last weekend's 70s party...

and, because the above photo doesn't do my shorts justice...

In other news, Desi got an award at school last week. Video soon on sarahpearlz's youtube channel. In the meantime, here is his class video production of the little red hen. I love Desi's delivery of his one big line.

T-MINUS ten days til Erica arrives. We're heading downtown for a couple nights, to see CNY fireworks, then one night in Hangzhou. That, you may recall, is the town Marco Polo called "beautiful" or something to that effect.

Emmett quote of the week:

The other day, as is his custom here lately, he came into our bedroom about 5am and got in bed with us. I couldn't fall back to sleep, so I took action. As I began to scoop him up, I said "I'm taking you back to your bed." He said "I'm not really interested in my bed." So much for that.

Desi quote of the week:

Mom: So Desi, what do you want to be when you grow up?
D: A police
Mom: Why?
D: (makes gun w/hands, points it at imaginary suspect) Hands up!

Let's hope he leaves Law Enforcement to cooler heads.