Sunday, January 24, 2010

in no particular order

fun weekend. 70s disco dancing, lots of backgammon, sunny enough for wiffle ball.

Sunday, the boys saw Disney on Ice with mom. much excitement. shortly thereafter, I heard the
quote of the weekend...

Desi (crying): Emmett hit me and stomped on me.
Dad: (in shocked, outraged voice) Emmy, did you stomp on Desi?
Emmett: No, I didn't stomp on him. I marched on him. Very hard.

In allergy news, Desi got to eat pizza. turns out, wheat still does him wrong. lots of sniffling last night.

stray cats are peeing on our patio furniture. i emailed property manager, threatening to poison cats. (I know my dad is proud of me right now). they said "be patient" and not to do anything drastic. so far, i am patient.

FYI, my favorite 90s band is touring this year, a decade after breaking up. so, depending on when/where they play in July, I might see them. maybe even in your city, if need be. so maybe I'll see some of you I don't get to see often.

also, the new school calendar is out. The Pearlzes will be in Phoenix for Xmas 2010. it's sunny there, ya know, and we'd love to be your excuse to get warm in december. we can't put you up in our place, but we'd love to see you by our pool.

feeling thankful I'm not in Haiti. one of my heroes, Paul Farmer, has worked there for decades, and deserves your money, if you're inclined to donate. he's a badass.

back to work. go Saints!