Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Absence makes the heart grow fonder...

...let's hope at least one of you readers is still checking this blog, despite my lack of updates.

All is well here. Awful chilly, but nothing unusual for January. We're healthy, back at school as of a week ago, and in the groove again. Days are getting longer, and Chinese New Year is only a couple weeks away. Erica will visit us then, and we're looking forward to it. Can you say FIREWORKS?!!

We spent most of Winter Break in Vietnam, on the beach. I hadn't been back since I lived there briefly in '97. I can still speak a little, I am proud to report. Sarah liked it, as did the boys. I was nervous "showing off" one of my fave places to them, but they quickly recognized its charms. Nice people, great food, beautiful sunny beach in December. We spent only a couple days in Saigon, then 6 in Mui Ne, a fishing village/kite-surfing mecca. The dad in the family we traveled with is a big kitesurfer, so in afternoons we'd watch him shred with the dozens of others. Looks fun, but Mui Ne is not the best place to learn. Maybe next time!

Photos/more posts to come tomorrow. Just had to get off the snide today.