Tuesday, June 2, 2009

stick with me, here

Hi all. We continue to be unable to blog at our apartment. And here at school, I can access most of the webpage I need, but not certain buttons, so I can't figure out how to upload photos. Check my facebook page--I'll put some recent photos up there. Or, for those of you we'll see this summer, just wait a couple weeks and see us then! We are down to 11 days, and many of those are full of social activities. So I'm sure it will feel like no time at all before we're on break. summertime!!

I taught my last couple classes today. Final exams start tomorrow, and I'll spend the time prepping for my World History course for next year. I'll have 2 classes of my own (woo hoo!) and I'll co-teach 2 more. Those 4 plus a study hall equals my whole teaching load next year. Just one course to prepare for--again, woo hoo!

Sarah is busy wrapping up end-of-year report writing and going to parent meetings. Desi enjoyed his birthday celebration at school a few days ago. He also performed on stage again in a kindergarten assembly--video to come someday! Desi is becoming quite the reader and writer, and of course artist. Emmett is learning Chinese faster than the rest of us, and both boys are having fun with pirate Legos and race cars and joking about buts and farts. Wonderful Boy stuff (well, maybe not always wonderful.)

Library is kicking me out. I'll get on fb and post photos here in a sec. promise

take care, blog fans!