Sunday, June 7, 2009

High-tech kindergarten

Hi all. T-minus 5 days til launch. Packing up all the gifts we bought y'all, finishing our summer shopping list (just added: Scotch Guard for our patio couch covers), and saying goodbyes to families we won't see for a while. In some cases, a long while.

Desi's class performed last week, but Dad screwed up. I thought it was in a different place, and was told by the guy in charge that the time had changed. I duly reported this to Sarah, and ended up causing us both to miss it. Not SuperDad that day. Anyway, I still owe the blog some footage from last month's "When I Grow Up," so I'l see about linking to that today.

For now, here's a class project of Desi's. You can see their drawing/written work and hear them describing their favorite thing from the year.

I can't create links because I'm doing this thru a proxy site, so you'll have to copy this line and paste into the address box of your web browser:

Desi's voice comes in at about the 37-second mark.

Bye for now.