Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Eagles Have Landed

We're home. Almost over the jet lag--maybe 1 more day and we'll feel normal. "Normal" being a relative term, of course, what with us NOT GOING TO WORK FOR THE NEXT 7 WEEKS. Yeeeeaahh boyeeee.

Since we landed on Saturday afternoon, we have "done" Portland. To wit:

1. I went to Powell's and bought books.
2. We ate and drank beer at the Deschutes brewhouse.
3. We crossed the street during the Gay Pride parade. Surprisingly, the boys asked no questions.
4. The Sellwood branch of the library was nice enough to loan us an armload of books and some cassettes to listen to during the drive to the beach this weekend. (the link is for the benefit of this blog's younger readers)

and we walked to almost all of these essentially Portland destinations!

I still haven't had my burrito. Today, it will be eaten. Then I'm off to see my old co-workers/comrades in arms in the battle against ignerance. Sarah and the boys will visit the Ferdigs again. Their kids are as cute and sweet as I remember.

We'll be in touch, now that we've scored a cell phone. There's always our Skype #, also. I'll email out both #s to the usual suspects.

Expect a bunch of photos son, as I clear out the backlog. Nice to be in the land of the free again, where no one is censoring the internet.