Wednesday, January 7, 2009

we love our new camera

actually it's not called a camera. It's the Cyber-Shot. sure, it's pink, but it takes great pictures, and we got a good price. who says there's no bargains in HK?

It's late, and pictures are worth several hundred words each, so here's a "photo diary" of what we did in Shanghai over winter break.

But first, here's one I forgot to add to the last post. Emmett as master of Hong Kong (insert maniacal

here's us at M on the Bund, one of the best restaurants on Earth (thanks, Grandpa Steve!), followed by some aquarium shots.

Q: How freaky is this giant salamander?
A: Sooooo freaky.

Sarah loves that Desi now flashes the peace sign in every photo. (I'm ambivalent)