Monday, January 5, 2009

Holiday Journal #3

We're back. Been back, actually, but still so busy having fun I never got around to blogging. So I'll update on the Hong Kong trip today, then cover the Shanghai portion of winter break when I get more time.

Top 5 Things I Appreciated about Hong Kong
5. shorts weather
4. drivers stay in their lanes and they stop at red lights
3. Disneyland was small and had lots of the little guy to enjoy (After exiting "It's a Small World," I asked Emmett what he'd seen and he said, still a bit dazed, "Toys.")
2. Grandma and Grandpa kept the boys at night and let the 2 of us sleep in
1. Two Words: dim sum

Here's a photo of Desi with one of his new heroes. Over break, we watched both movies and rode the Buzz ride, which lets you shoot aliens, LaserTag-style.

Here's a couple shots taken on Victoria Peak, which has been turned into a giant shopping mall, unfortunately.

It was a little cloudy that day, as you can see. Overall, 4 days in HK were fun and a nice way to break up our time in Shanghai. More later on our adventures in that city. Time now to go let Emmett "cook" me some fake food.