Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sensitive Lil' Guy

Here's how Emmett and I spent the afternoon. Feeding Hulk and Rowdy Roddy (if you're wondering...Yes, those action figures are the ones I played with as a kid) a snack.

Some for the babyface ,
and some for the heel.

Emmett is an equal-opportunity sensitive New Age guy.

Poor Desi has bonked his head twice this week. Once, a chair fell on his forehead. Then, at tennis lessons tonight, he scraped his cheek pretty bad. He refused photo ops tonight, so here's a recent (pre-injuries) pic to tide you over.

And for you hardcore Desi fans, this link will take you to his kindergarten teacher's blog. Neat video where you can hear Desi read the D and the P in the alphabet activity.