Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Soccer Mom

Too bad I don't have a picture of me with a Starbucks in my hand...I've got the rest of it! Gated community in the burbs, private school, soccer kid...who would have guessed? And boy am I having problems with the hired help, don't get me started...had an impromptu ginandtonic happy hour in the community after work, you all know how it is, don't you?

Today was a good day, a fun day, when stuff got handled and living here wasn't too hard. Talk to me tomorrow, or some day next week. Got a 7:15 meeting in the morning, so I gots to go to bed. Luckily it takes me approximately 5 minutes to walk to work. Last year I had Des dropped off by 7!

Hi Peeps. We love and miss you. Happy mid-Autumn festival. Go have a mooncake and think of us. The ones with the egg yolk in the middle are gross, but the ones with the beans inside are growing on me.

I will now attempt to attach the long-awaited soccer video. Calm down. It really is not that interesting, but it is live video of Des and other assorted 4-6 year olds running around.

Love, Sarah